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Rooftop Flooring, Artificial Grass Turf Underlayment, Dog Training Turf Areas Turf Rootop Drainage Underlay, Raised Drainage for Grass Turf on Roof Whether installed on an aggregate sub-base, concrete, asphalt or rooftop the Open Drainage Tile for Synthetic Turf drainage helps provide you with consistent drainage on your outdoor flooring surface.

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According to the Contractors State License Board (CSLB), a contractor must either have their C-27 license or their C-61/D12 license to legally install turf. If a contractor has their C-61/D06 (Paver License) or C-12 license and states that they can also install synthetic turf, this is NOT true, as they are not licensed to do so!

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Oct 22, 2019·A soggy, wet lawn will attract all sorts of problems from weed outbreaks to lawn disease and, eventually, thin and dying turf. Installing subsurface drainage is the best way to alleviate drainage issues but it must be installed correctly to work properly. There are a variety of methods and materials that can be used for a drainage project depending on the amount of money, time, and labor ...

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Prepare your site base for installing artificial grass. Mark off the area where you are installing Pup-Grass®. Use marking spray paint or chalk. Once you have determined the area, remove existing sod and all organic materials. Remove 1.5”-2” of soil. Create a slight grade for optimal drainage …

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Feb 21, 2017·Aim to make it as level as possible after digging. If you’re installing your artificial turf over soil that doesn’t drain well, then you should also consider installing a drainage system to make sure it can handle strong rainfalls and wet conditions. 3. Install the Border After preparing the soil, set a clear perimeter around your turf.

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Apr 19, 2017·Installing artificial grass on concrete and decking is surprisingly simple, to put it bluntly you cut it to shape, roll it out and stick it down! One of the big advantages to using an established surface like concrete paving, patios or even timber decking is …

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Jun 01, 2018·Simply clear your garden area, roll out the grass and tidy up the edges. Here’s how to lay artificial grass in a few short steps: Clear the area where you’re laying artificial grass. Dig the area out to 100mm depth. Prepare the base material and protective layer against weeds. Roll out the artificial grass. Cut and tidy the edges.

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Not all concrete is suited for installing artificial grass. The old concrete floor must be in decent condition and provide a sturdy foundation. If the concrete base has large cracks and sections of the concrete have broken loose, etc., then it is not possible to lay the artificial grass directly onto the concrete. Ensure the Drainage Is Adequate

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This will keep the turf from separating or sagging in the long run. An effective option for waterproofing is to use a plastic bender board. Another option is to install a concrete curb around the perimeter, which is a more permanent solution. Ensure that the border does not jut out above the level of the grass or it can obstruct the drainage.

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SYNLawn. Fern 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Indoor or Outdoor Fescue Artificial Grass. Model #FER53-8215-UJ-1500. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 9. SYNLawn. SYNLush Clover 12-ft Turf RB 12-ft W x Cut-to-Length Fescue Artificial Grass. Model #LUSHC-8250-UJ-1200.

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Oct 12, 2012·For all information on how to transform your garden in a day visit: .auor give us a call on: 03 9708 6355Location: ...

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Jul 03, 2021·When installing it over concrete, it may need an underlayment of drainage tiles or a softening pad, since concrete is a nonporous, hard surface. “Nothing is more pleasant to the eye than green grass kept finely shorn,“ said Francis Bacon, the famous English scientist.

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Synthetic Lawn Outdoor Installation. First you will want to remove all grasses, sods, mulches, etc. from the marked areas. Note: If you are landscaping around trees shrubbery, flowers, light poles, utilities, etc., remember to mark around those areas and account for the turf edge configuration. Remember to leave ample area uncovered around the bases of trees.

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We take the time to prepare groundworks that drain well and are a stable platform for us to lay our high end artificial grass products. This process has taken us over 16 years to perfect so you can be rest assured you will get an artificial lawn that will last for many years. Give us a call on 020 81664168 for a free quote and to discuss your ...

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It provides a textured, natural look for differentiating your artificial grass installation from a raised layer of mulch, rocks or soil. The benderboard will also block weeds and foreign plants from growing into your artificial grass area. Made from 100% recycled plastic; Provides a stout partition between mulch beds, concrete and artificial grass

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Ultra Base and Tour Links are the foundation that provide structure, drainage and safety, minimizing or even eliminating the need for expensive and labor intensive materials like stone and concrete. From artificial turf fields without stone to courts without concrete, seasoned professionals to first time DIY’ers, Ultra Base panel foundations ...

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Dec 22, 2014·Artificial Grass Installation. A. Unroll the synthetic grass and stretch across the top of the prepared base. Do not drag fake grass across the prepared base. If the synthetic grass has wrinkle, lay it flat on a flat surface in the sun. Be sure to have the grain direction of each artificial grass roll facing the same direction.

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Apr 14, 2017·However, one golden rule when installing artificial grass on concrete, paving or decking is to use an artificial grass foam underlay. This is because any undulations in the surface below will appear through the artificial grass. For example, when laid on a deck, you would see each individual decking board through your artificial grass.

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TREMDrain is a two-layer drainage mat consisting of a polystyrene core and nonwoven, needle-punched polypropylene fabric. The TREMDrain Series of mats are used with TREMproof and Paraseal waterproofing membranes serving both as a protection course and replacement for traditional pipe and stone drainage systems. Download Data Sheet get_app.

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May 26, 2021 - The consistent Gmax and Shock Attenuation properties of the AirDrain system are major contributors to the safety of players and the reduction of concussions. Unlike traditional shock pads or e-layers, AirDrain is 1” high, has 92% air void and 100% vertical drainage. AirDrain’s performance cannot be matched by any other product in the industry.

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Apr 06, 2017·Artificial grass. Strong waterproof adhesive. Craft knife. Wide yard broom. Rubber gardening gloves. The good news about laying artificial grass onto a concrete surface is that it’s really easy to do. The first thing you want to do is sweep the area on which you wish to lay the artificial grass.

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Benefits. Clear drainage path for water and waste. Airflow under the turf. The fast-draining, open-grid surface eliminates puddling. Solid, stable base. Patented, six-point locking system keeps tiles flat and tight providing a solid, stable base for the system.

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C. Base Preparation: Installing the base surface under the artificial lawn is critical to maintaining the stability and integrity of the artificial grass grass system. A layer of 3/8” crushed stone (also called Class 2 Road Base, Decomposed Granite, or Chat) should be spread evenly over the area.

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Secure Perimeter. Time to secure your Artificial Grass to the ground. Start by tucking the 1/4’’ to 1/2’’ edge you left into the border with a metal putty knife and hammer. We recommend using AGL 40-D 5’’ non-galvanized turf nails or staples. Using a hammer, gently tap the nail or staple until it …

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Proper drainage – Each panel contains drain holes that allow for adequate water evacuation. Brock PaverBase panels drain both horizontally and vertically to direct water away from the area. It also exceeds the permeability rate of pavers with a vertical permeability frequency of over 100″ per hour.

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Artificial Grass Installation Videos. Artificial grass installation can take from 5 to 12 hours on average to install on any small to average size lawn. We have an artificial lawn installed in Auburn, California in the beautiful Lake of the Pines community. The most important part of the synthetic turf installation is the base preparation.