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Shop Artificial Grass. Fibrelok Geosynthetics supply a range of Geotechnical products including, Wovens and Non Wovens, Geogrids, Erosion Control Mesh, Cellular Confinement Products, Weed Control Fabrics, Accessories and a comprehensive range of Artificial Grass. In addition to our stocked items we can customise to suit a desired functionality.

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Jun 15, 2018·Get Our Grooming Guide (includes tips for grooming pet areas!) Outside, weeds will try to grow anywhere. Moss can also collect on surfaces in damp and shady areas. Thank goodness – you only need ONE NATURAL PRODUCT, applied liberally, to handle invasive growth on artificial grass, in mulch, deco-rock, and any other surface! Grasses, clover, […]

How to Clean Your Artificial Grass?

Apr 16, 2021·However, if weeds appear through your artificial grass, use a normal weed killer which is water-based. Usage of weed killers a couple of time annually can help in preventing growth of pesky plants. 5.Removal of Snow : Snow will generally melt on its own. Artificial grass is all-permeable hence the melted snow will pass easily.

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We strive to deliver the best products for our customers in the areas of weed control, outdoor cleaning, snow and ice management and grass cutting. Our products are sourced from the best industry suppliers, including Kersten from Germany, Meyer from the USA and Ripagreen from France, and then perfected for the unique demands of our territories.

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Specialist Artificial Grass Weed-Membrane. £ 1.20 per sqm. Heavy-duty non-woven geotextile membrane designed specifically to prevent weeds from growing through your artificial lawn. Used to prevent weed growth, and excessive settlement by separating the sub-base from the underlying layers. To be installed prior to sub-base installation, along ...

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The weed membrane comes in 2m widths and can be cut to any length. It is still important that even with weed membrane you or your customer uses a water based weed killer on the artificial lawn at least once every 12 months, to ensure no air born weeds that fall onto the grass cause any weeds to grow. artificial grass pins

50 Artificial Grass U Pins Garden Grass Stakes,Securing Lawn Artificial Grass Pegs,6''/150mm Lawn Nails Grass Pegs for Securing Weed Control Fabric,Matting,Membrane,Netting,Artifical Grass(Dia:2.8mm) 4.1 out of 5 stars 19

Is It Worth Using Weed Killer on Synthetic Grass?

Weed killer is highly effective for reducing the growth of weeds around the borders of your artificial turf and will not damage the lawn. However, if weed killer isn’t necessarily your thing, there are a range of alternatives. If you notice there are still weeds growing at the edges of your synthetic turf despite regular maintenance, you can ...

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Depending on the type of grass and the quality thereof and whether the grass is maintained properly, it will last for many years. Under normal circumstances artificial turf can last up to 10-15 years, making it a sustainable solution for your garden lawn. In 2003, Royal Grass® started developing imitation grass.

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At GreenCare we stock and supply Weed Killers, Moss Killers, Fertiliser, Grass Seed, Pest Control and Application Equipment for Professional and Amateur Use. Examples of our customers are the following: Landscape Gardeners, Professional Gardeners, Paddock Owners, Councils, Airports, Sports Clubs, Private Gardens, Groundskeepers and the Keen ...

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UK's No.1 For Artificial Grass. Artificial grass has become increasingly popular in recent years as households and businesses all across the UK are realising the convenience it offers. Better yet, major improvements to the manufacturing process means the quality of artificial grass we can supply is far superior to what has been seen in the past.

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Regular moss, algae or weed removal methods for artificial areas are not suitable for fake grass, much like they are not for real grass lawns. Removal of moss, algae and weeds by pressure washing or wire brushing your turf will damage the surface of your lawn, and hand brushing methods are also a time-consuming process.

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Description. All our Artificial Grass ranges all have a black weed resistance backing, however for double weed protection you can add a weed fabric layer directly beneath the grass. This roll will cover up to 14 square meter. Supplied on a 1m x 14m size roll. Can be installed loose laid, direct on top of a prepared sand or soil base.

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Homebase UK. Search for a product or brand... Ideas & Advice Stores Account. Login Register Your Wishlist ... Artificial Grass Raised Beds Turf Walling & Coping View All Fencing, Decking & Landscaping ... Weed Killer Pest Control Outdoor Cleaning Garden Sprayers Weed Control Fabric

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May 14, 2017·Evening everyone. Can any one recommend a weed killer to use on my artificial grass. My garden was a weed pit so I had the artificial grass fitted. The transformation is …

How To Stop Weeds Growing On Artificial Grass

Apply Weed Killer. Another method for preventing and removing weeds in your artificial lawn is to apply a pet-friendly weed killer. You needn’t do this often – once or twice per year is perfectly adequate and will keep weeds at bay all year round! See, we told you Newlawns are low maintenance! If you’re ready to ditch your lawn mower ...

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Oct 31, 2019·Welcome To UK Artificial Grass & Maintenance! Offering the very best artificial grass available with 10 year plus guarantees for your satisfaction. Covering Suffolk Artificial Grass and the surrounding areas. No deposits needed, just payment on completion. We accept credit card payments to offer you a buy now pay later option.

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Nov 21, 2016·At Artificial Turf Express, we have experts with years of experience with artificial turf maintenance. This article is part of a series we’re doing on weed control for artificial grass, so stay tuned for the next one! My Condo Complex installed artificial turf a few years ago. It is only in a small area near my cluster.

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Weed and debris removal. Regular artificial grass maintenance will help prevent a build-up of debris, moss and weeds. A protective membrane weed barrier is fitted prior to grass installation, though some weeds may still appear over time. Remove fallen leaves and dust debris with a …

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progreen weed control solutions Progreen supply a wide range of weed killers, moss and algae control products, fertilisers and grass seed. We also specialise in providing a comprehensive range of sprayers, including Cooper Pegler knapsack sprayers, granule application equipment and accessories.

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Our super-fast delivery service means that your grass seed mixtures could arrive at your door within a few days. Our range includes: Economy Grass Seeds Low Maintenance Lawn Seeds Hardwear Lawn Seeds Shady Area Lawn Seeds Renovator Grass Seed Mixture Grass Feed Weed Killer Garden Maintenance Supplies such as Seed Spreaders.

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Avoid Weed Killer with Fake Grass. Many people apply herbicides to their garden grass in order to achieve a weed free lawn. With fake grass you can now have a perfect lawn and help the environment by avoiding toxic and poisonous chemicals. An artificial lawn is child friendly, pet friendly and looks just like natural grass at a distance.

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Ensure your garden is protected and tidy at all times with weed control fabric, liners, protective fleeces, covers & other garden supplies at Homebase. See in store and online. Our partners and us collect data and use cookies, email pixels and similar tools to enhance your experience, analyse traffic and for ad personalisation and measurement.

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Artificial Grass & Astroturf supplied overnight to UK gardeners, landscapers & retailers. Easy to lay for anyone. ... We have the UK's Largest Stock of Artificial Grass at over 150,000m² ready to be tailored to your requirements. That's enough Artificial Grass to cover Wembley Stadium Over 25 times! ... Weed Control Fabric (14m2) £14.99 ...

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Geotextile weed membrane for Artificial Grass Weed Membrane is ideal for use with artificial grass as a barrier to prevent weeds coming through yet still allows surface water filtration. It can also be used under decking, borders, paving and patio's. It keeps weeds under control all …

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Suppliers Articles Weed Control for Artificial Grass. Posted on January 12, 2017 by Turf. 12 Jan. November 21, 2016 Weeds: More Insidious than Meets the Eye. People often come to us with questions about weed control for artificial grass. There is a lot to know, and people are often mystified when weeds grow around or through their turf. What ...